Je Suis AUTO

film by Johannes Grenzfurthner und Juliana Neuhuber - 100 min, HD

Kamera Thomas Weilguny

Produktion: Anja Kogelmann und Günther Friesinger


An ill-tempered middle-management mafioso is set on delivering a suitcase full of money. Little does he know that taking an ontologically challenged self-driving taxi puts them on a collision course with fate–and a badly dressed pirate.

A wondrous tale of human and other conditions.



With Chase Masterson, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Jason Scott, Florian Sebastian Fitz, Boris Popovic

Chris Lohner, Eva Billisich, Duscher & Gratzer, Robert Stachel (Maschek), David Dempsey, Joesi Prokopetz, Lisa Semrad, Eva-Christina Binder, Sophie Grabner, Conny Lee, Christina Scherrer, Niko Wagner und viele mehr.


Drehbuch schreiben im Sommer


Der Schnitt ist herausfordernd, kommt aber bald in die finale Phase, yeah!

JE SUIS AUTO: One wonderful day at Daniel Hasibars "4earsstudio" with Chase Masterson, who is a great voice actress and a hero for kids and teens with !

Thanks for this amazing time with you.